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Successfully navigate the complexity of African markets


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Several sectors are already heavily dependent on African products and services. Whether you are in agriculture, tech or entertainment, the state of your sector’s future is directly tied to Africa’s future.


We envision this continuing to grow as African markets develop greater capacity to add value and compete globally. In fact, we are already at the forefront of this. 


Our expertise in navigating the complexities of Africa’s geography, competing socio-political priorities, public-private partnerships and nuanced cultural approaches sets us apart.


Our global state of affairs demonstrates time and again that narrow interests are not sustainable and actually impede human progress. We adopt a whole-of-ecosystem approach to help our clients penetrate and grow in African markets in a manner that does not benefit only narrow interests.

Africa is our global future.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you successfully navigate African markets.



Leading clients into their preferred marketplace. Each case is unique and our innovative approach provides the flexibility required to meet our clients at the exact point of their need.


We take the time to understand their unique value proposition and guide them into markets where they can outperform. We adopt a phased approach in which each phase builds rationally on the previous one. We offer real-time market intelligence, stakeholder management, strategic business development and project leadership at every stage of the journey.


Developing and co-developing projects that address some of Africa's most pressing issues.


We take a methodical and proven approach to innovation that provides our clients with sustainable competitive advantage. We provide strategic project leadership through the entire life cycle or at selected phases of a project.


Take your business to a new level in African markets. Our innovative approach means that we can step in at any stage to support your market entry or growth in the quickest and most cost-effective way. We blend 3 core service offerings to achieve this:

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African markets are dynamic and fast-moving. Stay in the know by connecting with us on our projects, upcoming events and news. 

“We at AO Advisors have worked with Eschaton on several Africa focused mandates and projects. We appreciate their professionalism, focus, attention to detail and ability to forge relationships in the frontier market space and hope to collaborate strongly in the future.”

Baba Akin-Aina, Managing Partner AO Advisors LLC




Tapfuma Musewe

Tapfuma is a trade and investment executive who is dedicated to increasing the connectivity between African markets and other regions of the world. Having grown up a Canadian citizen, his passion led him to live in and spend most of his working life in several African countries. He began in community development, then pivoted to entrepreneurship and established a couple of companies including a logistics company that moved FMCG’s for a blue-chip company. He then pivoted to the market intelligence industry where he consulted multinational clients from various sectors seeking to penetrate African markets. Through these experiences Tapfuma possesses a unique understanding in achieving business growth in challenging economic environments. 


Tapfuma has a diverse academic background, having obtained a B. Sc. Biology from the University of Toronto and a Global Executive MBA from the Rotman School of Management. He is also passionate about leading high performance teams and has PMP certification, as well as specialized project management training from the University of the Witwatersrand.


He is now based in Toronto, Canada and is the Founder of Eschaton Solutions Ltd. – a boutique trade and investment firm that seeks to further the exchange between African and other markets. He offers forward-looking market analysis, expertise and advice to clients who seek to participate in the growth of African markets. He also leads several innovation projects developed through Eschaton’s own IP that seek to solve some of Africa’s pressing issues.

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Regional Business Development Manager

Edward Rufu

Edward is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully established several businesses in retail, education and skills development. He has worked in both the private and public sector, making him versatile in his ability to navigate both spaces. He also brings a passion for high impact development projects that solve some of Africa’s pressing issues.


Originally from Zimbabwe and now based in South Africa, he possesses first-hand awareness of the intricacies of cross-border trade. He plays a key role in executing the vision for greater private sector development across Africa and represents the company in Johannesburg, a key commercial gateway to Africa.


Edward has an MA Environmental Science and Education; he also possesses certification from the University of the Witwatersrand in specialized Project Management, as well as in Training and Development.

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Leon Naidoo

Prior to joining the South African Foreign Service in 2006, Leon spent 15 years as a community organiser and international development practitioner in Africa, Asia and Europe.

In August 2008 he took up his four year assignment as Consul at the South Consulate in New York where he executed a vibrant economic diplomacy program. In 2012, he joined the Office of the Deputy Director General for Asia and the Middle East where he also worked with the BRICS Secretariat in preparation for South Africa’s hosting of the BRICS Summit in 2013.

Mr Naidoo took up his assignment as Consul Political/Economic at the South Africa Consulate Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions (SAR) on 10th December 2015 where he built strong support for China - Africa cooperation in economic, cultural and educational spheres.

Since his resignation from his career in diplomacy in January 2020, Leon has formed a consultancy, Africa Impact Solutions which focuses on designing, promoting, facilitating and implementing African economic development projects, with a particular focus on supporting private  sector engagement.

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Chisanga Chekwe

Chisanga Chekwe is President of the Masomo Education Foundation, a Canadian charitable organisation that provides scholarships to young men and women from low income families.


Before that he served as Deputy Minister of the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship Immigration and International Trade. He was also Deputy Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues and Seniors’ Affairs. As Deputy Minister he was responsible for the policy work that led to the passage of the Ontario Immigration Act, the only provincial immigration law outside Quebec.


Chisanga was previously Chair of the Social Benefits Tribunal. He spent a year in Zambia on a leave of absence from the Ontario Public Service, working as Country Manager for First Quantum Minerals, with responsibilities for government liaison, negotiations and policy development.


His experience also includes several senior positions with Canadian and international organizations, including the Ontario Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Meridien International Bank, England the law firm of Lloyd Jones & Collins, Zambia and the United Nations.

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